Buying a car as an expat in The Netherlands (2024)

Buying a car as an expat in The Netherlands (1)


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op5 juni 2024

Buying a car as an expat in The Netherlands? It can be quite a challenge to purchase your new car from abroad. Coming to the Netherlands and having your car ready at the airport. Utopia? Not at all, makes it possible.

Going abroad as an expat is a lot of work. Did I pack all my stuff? Is everything arranged for the house? Is everything ready at my company? Getting a car is the last thing you want to worry about and spend a lot of time on. Find the right car on the internet, getting there with public transport, negotiate at the dealership, questions about the reliability of the car, and so forth. Can't that be done easier? For sure. Via you can order your new car online, just as easily as buying a pair of shoes.

Purchasing your car from abroad

On you will find a wide variety of cars. From brand new cars to used ones – a car for every budget. Our webshop offers plenty of great cars, which will be transferred from your screen to your front door or even the airport. Used cars you buy directly from us.

As soon as you order the car online, we will give you a call to discuss the delivery place and date. It is up to you whether to have your car delivered at your home address or rather at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. There are different options:

You can buy your car

You can lease your new car

You can finance your car


Private lease can be compared to a subscription. You pay a fixed monthly fee and you do not have to plunder your savings account for the purchase of the car. The car is in your name, but is owned by the leasing company. You pay a fixed amount per month based on the duration and the number of kilometers.

A Dutch social security number is required, and you must also be at least 18 at the start of the term and at the end of the term at most 80 years old. It is possible to private lease a car with a valid international drivers license.

Sander explains in this video how to qualify for private lease:

Is it reliable?

We get it: You are far away and you have no option to see the car or even get a test drive. Therefore, we offer you the digital showroom. In highly detailed pictures you can have a look around the car. You will find everything you need to know about the vehicle. If it has any scratches or dents, we will notify you and show it on the pictures.

Our Workshop Manager, Gerard, checks every car on at least 100 points to make sure we can deliver what we promise. If Gerard believes that he cannot deliver the car to his own mother, he will certainly not deliver it to you. And good to know: is part of the Louwman Group. Active in the Dutch automotive branch since 1923. So no worries there.

What about the payment?

When you order the car outright, you pay for the car just like you would in any other webshop. We offer iDeal payments. No credit cards are accepted at this time.

If you lease or finance a car you will pay for the car on a monthly basis.

Ja! Een auto kopen kan veel vriendelijker, makkelijker én leuker.

Bekijk ons aanbod

14 days money back period

The big upside of buying your car with is the money back guarantee. The day we deliver the car, your extended test drive starts. During the first 14 days you can put the seat in every position, see how every button works and test how many groceries will fit in the trunk. If it is not what you expected, we will arrange a pick-up and we will return the money to your bank account. No strings attached.

Check out our available cars!

Buying a car as an expat in The Netherlands (2)


Kikki is expert in klanten helpen en blij maken. Ze helpt je met het uitzoeken van de juiste auto, bespreekt de afleverdatum en vertelt je welke documenten daarvoor nodig zijn. En ze beantwoordt alle andere vragen ook heel graag. Net zolang totdat jij blij bent. We kennen haar niet anders dan met een grote glimlach en koptelefoon op haar hoofd terwijl ze klanten helpt.En ook na de aflevering ben je niet van haar af. Ze belt je namelijk ook nog op om te vragen hoe de auto bevalt. Als dat geen klantengeluk is.

Buying a car as an expat in The Netherlands (2024)


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