Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (2024)

Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose has addressed plastic surgery rumours, after trolls claimed she had a 'fake nose'.

In an episode of the podcast she does alongside her fiancé, Sabby Piscitelli, The Power Alphas with Mandy & Sabby, Mandy looked to set the record straight. Mandy, who appears in this show under a truncated version of her real name, Amanda Saccomanno, spilled the beans as to whether or not she had gone under the knife.

In it she said that across social media she is constantly under fire for getting 'so much' work done. As a result of this Mandy said that at times she felt like she wanted to hide or not talk about what she'd had done, because she felt like people were judging her.

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So, in order to quash the wild speculation, the 33-year-old put to bed once and for all what procedures she had done.

Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (1)

"I used to get all the time that I have a fake nose," she said.

"I do not have a fake nose."

She then shared that her mum used to tell her that she had a nose that people would look to get fake noses for, so understands why there may be some speculation.

"I just think it's kind of funny that people just put their assumptions out there, because they think they know everything and they judge," she said.

Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (2)

"They just want to hate, I guess."

Mandy added that she doesn't care whether or not others have had surgery, but said she had faced the "she's so fake" haters since setting foot in the WWE ring.

She said: "It was like 'oh, she's just a Barbie doll, she just wants to be here for the fame'.

"I think it did affect me for a good amount of time, and I think that's why I want to talk about it on here.

"When you're in the public eye you do get scrutinized, and you do get judged a lot for things

"You kind of just have to almost just take it because it's social media, it's people behind their computers, and they just feel the need to talk s**t.

"As much as you want to say it doesn't get to you, or as much as you just want to ignore it, of course you're still going to kind of like be affected by it."

Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (3)

Mandy then first revealed that she had been having Botox for a "good amount of time", and said she loves getting it.

She added that she had been getting lip filler for years, as she had a small upper lip, as well as having her gums cut, because she had low gums when she was a teen.

"Then down the road I really wanted my teeth done," she added.

"I only have veneers on the top, but composites on the bottom.

"So beside my lips, my teeth, my boobies and my Botox, I have had no filler in my face.

"People think I have I because I kind of have like high cheekbones."

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Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (4)

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Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose addresses plastic surgery talk after 'fake nose' comments (2024)


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